JAUME TRIBO, memoirs

JAUME TRIBÓ: MEMÒRIES D’UN APUNTADOR. Records des del coverol del Gran Teatre del Liceu per Jaume Radigales

Huygens Editorial 2021, 221 pp ISBN 978-17580-25-4

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The first book of a prompter’s memories was written more than 120 years ago. That was Gino Monaldi’s “Memorie di un suggeritore” (1902). Those interested can still find it on the internet though in spite of the title it is hardly an account of a prompter’s life as such. For this we have now a new addition featuring Jaume Tribó (Barcelona, ​​1945) a man linked to opera since childhood.

Since 1975 Tribó has been the prompter of the Gran Teatre del Liceu, a unique and still indispensable job in many opera houses around the world. In this book, the music critic and university professor Jaume Radigales describes in fifteen chapters the life of Tribó, a chronicle full of anecdotes and memories, which allows us to trace a large part of the Liceu’s operatic history of the last fifty years as well. All the great names of the operatic past and present make an appearance in the book but there’s also a chapter on what qualities makes a good prompter.

For 40 years Tribo also had a wonderful radio programme. Very important also is his work as the creator of a fully detailed chronology of the theatre’s history.

The Catalan tenor Jaume Aragall wrote an introduction to the memoirs and the book is concluded with several testimonies of several singers and conductors.

This well-written, informative and fascinating narrative makes a fabulous read

At the end you will find a section of 26 photographs covering Tribó’s first 78 years.

Yes, you got it right he hasn’t retired yet and he is not planning to!

Ad multos annos Senyor

Rudi van den Bulck, Lier December 2023