Who we are?

“Founding” message to our readers (September 2009)


Thank you for visiting Operanostalgia. We hope that you will find items of interest and that you will come back often.

What is this site about?
Well, the name says it all. We will remember singers from the past but we will also note today’s operatic news and discuss future plans of interest.
Nostalgia items is what we mainly offer though ranging from reviews of cd’s, books, dvd’s, photos, singer profiles, discographies and much more dealing with legendary and not so legendary singers of yesteryear and yes, today as well.
We firmly believe that singing, especially great singing, is what opera is essentially about. There are billions of shellack-records, LP’s and CD’s around. There doesn’t exist even one operatic video or DVD with everything in place except the singing.
That proves which aspect of opera is preponderant though this doesn’t mean we are nostalgic for the times of stand and deliver (if these times ever existed, because many visual documents now prove the contrary).
We firmly believe there’s still a place for this kind of material on the worldwideweb.

Operanostalgia will try to offer information not available elsewhere.
A good start to illustrate what our site is about is to have a look at the cd reviews and the book reviews. As far as we know operanostalgia offers a first in several cases.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with requests, helpful comments or constructive criticisms. All these are welcomed.

PS 1
This site is a non-professional site and for educational purposes only and thus we pay for maintenance ourselves which also means limited webspace. Therefore some things have to go with every new issue.

PS 2
Readers should take note that for both Flemings, the founding editor and Mr Neckers, English is not a first language.


Rudi van den Bulck, Founding Editor (Flanders)

Charles Mintzer, Editor (Brooklyn, NY)

Jan Neckers, Editor (Flanders)